The Creator

What I Do

Sacred geometry in wood

Sri Yantra, flower of life and other intriguing sacred geometry designs engraved in wood bring both elegance and higher vibrations into your home. Custom designs, yantras and sizes are available.

Copper & gold yantras

As per Vedic tradition and teachings of my Gurudev, copper and gold are the best conductors of higher vibrations and magnify the energy of any yantra. Choose it from the shop or have it tailored to your needs.

Sacred geometry pendants

Why to bring sacred geometry into your home only? Keep your favourite yantra with yourself at all times, so it can constantly support your physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual well-being.

How I Do

My Guru teaches that everything we do, we should do it with love. I take it seriously by putting all my devotion and highest attention to detail into each of my creations, as well as by choosing only highest quality birch wood, copper or 24k gold for each of my products. I put all my love into every step of this process, because I want you to fall in love with what you receive.

The very process of making each of my creations becomes for me a meditation. While handcrafting the finishing of every yantra, I keep chanting its secret mantra in my mind – because I know that this will become a sacred object and it must be made in a proper state of mind. I also activate each of my yantras with their secret mantras, so they can continue bringing more harmony, prosperity and spiritual energy into your home or office.

Why I Do

I was fascinated with sacred geometry since many years. Even before I knew, what it exactly is, I always felt as if magnetically drawn towards such designs as flower of life or Sri Yantra. But when my Guru, Paramahamsa Vishwananda, entered into my life, my fascination with Sri Yantra reached a completely new level. His wisdom and guidance allowed me to receive a deeper understanding of this highest form of sacred geometry – as well as to perfect its design, according to his instructions. When I presented my design of Sri Yantra to Guruji, he requested me to prepare 7 copper Sri Yantras for him for the inauguration of his new temple in his main ashram. These yantras are now installed below the main deities of this temple, which I consider my great good fortune and privilige. The very same yantras you can order now from my online shop.

Experience & Profession

By profession I am a woodworker and carpenter. My first experience with wood was when I was a small child observing my father at work. I was fascinated by the idea, that if you put enough effort and attention, you can create with your own hands anything you can think of. And so, I became a carpenter with – as for now – more than 25 years of experience. Now, when universe opened in front of me a possibility to use my skills to create something so Divine and precious as yantras and other sacred geometry creations, I am deeply grateful for this opportunity, as well as 100% dedicated to delivering you the highest quality product, which will bring higher vibrations into your life.